Reconstruction Of Ice Rinks

Reconstruction Of Ice Rinks

Reconstruction Of Ice Rinks

Do you manage the ice rink, which is covered by ice? There is no need to rush or expect another investment. Sometimes you only need to reconstruct the ice surface. Your new ice surface will be smooth and especially economical due to our technology and talented technicians.

Reconstruction of the ice rink step by step

We are using the ICEGRID cooling system both in building of new ice surfaces and in the reconstruction of ice rinks.

You don’t have to remove the old concrete surface. Also, It doesn’t mind to being heavily damaged.

The original surface (reconditioned ice surfaces) is sufficient to compensate for instance by gravel.

In the third step, We will lay a flexible plastic grate with a coling system of the plastic hose on surface of the ice rink.

The ribbed hose surface (“goose neck”) perfectly delivers coldness to the ice and reduces energy costs by up to 20% over conventional concrete surfaces.

Začínáme dodávat inovovaný nerezový systém chlazení ICEGRID® PLUS+ za ceny srovnatelné s plastovým systémem. Více zde.