Mobile Ice Rinks

Mobile Ice Rinks

Mobile Ice Rinks

We provide ice rinks for Christmas markets, ice hockey area or mobile ice rink for outdoor tennis courts over the winter season.

We design or rent the ice rink exactly according to your wishes.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with the German company ISS we supply mobile ice rinks and speed tracks with the latest technologies, which saves up to 20% in electricity costs.

You will see your new ice rink in advance with accurate visualization.

We not only design and build ice rinks but also rent them. Long-term, cost-effective and on-demand, including traffic assurance.

We have the technology for simple and efficient reconstruction of ice surfaces.

Rental of mobile rinks

We offer cost-effective and long-term lease of mobile ice rinks. Just say when, where and how large ice rink need and leave the rest to us.

You get the surface for skating without a large investment.

We rent barriers and snow plow for ice treatment. It’s really helpful for better traffic assurance.

We will help you to choose the most suitable ice rink (based on thorough analysis). Also we can provide accompanying services such as Christmas markets.

We will bring the mobile ice rink, assemble, put into the operation and after the season we disassemble and store.

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