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Tour de force

In February 2018, we participated in the realization of the Brno Olympic Park. 157,271 visitors visited this park in 16 days. A curved ice rink and our curling track became a rarity.

More about the Olympic Festival in Brno

We sell, rent and build the most mobile ice rinks in the Czech Republic.

We came into being in 2008 by joining two companies that participated in the demolition of the Winter Stadium and the construction of the mobile ice rink in Brno.

We build an ice rink on the turnkey construction and provide a complete reconstruction of the ice rink too. We also offer specialized services in energy and ore processing.

We are building the ice rinks all over the world. For example in Bratislava (Slovakia) you will find our ice rink at Hviezdoslav Square, which is surrounded by very nice Christmas markets.

During the four months (season 2012/2013), a mobile ice skating rink in Brno visited 70,000 skaters. It is an illuminated ice rink measuring 47.5 × 29 m.

In Pardubice, we built an ice rink where was a match called Open Air (in 2011) – the first extra-league hockey match in the open-air. 17,140 fans attended this match, through which is making this number a new record itself.

In Moscow (Luzhniki), we have built up the largest ice rink with an area of 3600 m². What is interesting is that this rink tried Russian President Vladimir Putin amongst others.

In 2015, we created the first open-air curling track. The track was located on Moravian square in the center of Brno.

On our multi-purpose ice rink, you can play for 12 months a year! The grass in summer and the ice in winter.

We are the unique company which implemented extralig games in the open-air in the Czech Republic (Open Air Pardubice, Winter Classic Brno).

- BaP holding a.s.

Attendance of Lužánky
During four months (season 2012/2013) visited 70,000 skaters a mobile ice rink in Brno.
Visitors on Open Air
On the Open Air in Pardubice (2011) took place first extra-league hockey match in the open-air.
Built ice rinks
During our existence, we built ice rinks in Russia, England, Slovakia and especially in the Czech Republic.
years of experience
During 3650+ days, we have built 48 ice rinks around the world. We also create curling tracks and a multifunctional playground.

Ice rink ``Bruslák``

The area about 840 m². The Statue of Margrave Jošta frozen in the ice. Skaters can relax directly on the ice. We used 63,000 liters of water. It is possible to skate up to 15 ° C.


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Purkyňova 35b,
612 00 Brno

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8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday – Friday

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