Up to 30 mobile ice rinks in the CZE

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As the only one in the Czech Republic, we can create an ice surface in an unconventional design.
The main benefit is the multifunctional playground, on which can be played for 12 months a year. Have a tennis match in the summer and a hockey in the winter. Due to this technology, 45% of your costs will be returned within one year.

Ice rink for your company or town?

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We put all of our sweat and skills into 42 mobile ice rinks.
Your new ice rink may not be just oval. We will design a zigzag path for skaters. We will revive your ice rink by freezing the statue into the ice. Because of our multifunctional playgrounds, you maximize the using of your sports areas. The grass in summer and the ice in winter.


We are the unique company which implemented extraliga games in the open-air in the Czech Republic (Open Air Pardubice, Winter Classic Brno).

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Purkyňova 35b,
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Začínáme dodávat inovovaný nerezový systém chlazení ICEGRID® PLUS+ za ceny srovnatelné s plastovým systémem. Více zde.